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Jane Meldrum

Good Morning Nicole

I received notification that I had successfully completed my course yesterday and I would like to thank you very much for ensuring I was supported by the iLearn team and Daniel Neale for his prompt response, support and guidance.

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Adriana Slattery

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you so much for marking so quickly! I have actually found ilearn quite easy to study with. Your understanding for my situation had been incredibly helpful. Hopefully this certificate is issued promptly as well and I can start working!

Thanks again,

Course :Upgrade from TAE40110 to TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Shane O’Bryan

Hi Tonya,

I just had to pull over the car and send you this email.

HHHOOOOORRRRAAAYYY!!!!! I am yelling this out the window! Thanks for your help and a BIG thanks for sticking with me Tonya I so appreciate it. Great to hear this awesome news with everything going on at the moment you don't know how much this means to me. Now I can continue Training something I love doing. Looking forward to getting the Certificate.


Course :TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills/TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools


Hi Nicole,

Thank you to the admin team and the trainers for all your help through the learning process. It has been a stimulating experience where I have learnt to appreciate what I didn't know!

The priority you have given me in the final stages means I have a good chance of securing employment very soon.

Thank you again!!!

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Starting this course was definitely daunting at first, I've never been a real academic person and this has been the first qualification above a certificate 2 that I have ever completed.

With the support from the trainers and the online web portal, I found the course to be a breeze in the end.

Sometimes I did find it a little difficult to figure out what the assessments were asking you to do, however, a quick search in the online discussion board or a phone call that was usually answered straight away or returned within a few short hours, I was able to complete the entire TAE0116 much quicker than first anticipated. I highly recommend iLearn to anyone that needs to complete the full course or even complete the upgrade. The customer service and support was fantastic and I felt as if I was treated with high regard as a student.

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Hi Therese

Thank you so much for assessing my work and for assisting me in my learning journey. You have made my study a pleasure and during my phone interview, I felt really at ease with your friendly yet professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending iLearn as a preferred RTO.

I am so happy to have completed my upgrade and thank you once again.

Kindest regards

Course :Upgrade from TAE40110 to TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


I am so thankful to all the trainers, especially Nicholas for getting me through this. I was about to give up all my efforts but you only supported me and guided me.

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Thanks Daniel.

The industry needs people who lead by example as trainers. These human skills are far more important than any other teaching tools we learn (content). You clearly have them in spades.

Course :TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools


Hi Carrie

Thanks so much to you and especially Daniel for everything that he did in helping me through this.

Course :Upgrade from TAE40110 to TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Hello all,

Finally I got my certificate today...

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone iLearn eCollege, who have supported me to achieve this..especially, Daniel Neale for patiently answering all my emails regarding the questions. That was really helpful for me.

A special thanks to Nicholas Walsh for assessing most of my projects so quickly, and giving me appropriate feedback..

Thank you once again everyone...

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Hi Daniel

Thank you very much for the result. I am happy that I have completed and get the certificate now.

Just to let you know your feedback was always constructive and very beneficial. Every student must have appreciated your guidance as I am doing now. Thank you for making my study easy.

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Deputy Head of School Melbourne - AIE

I would like to give some feedback on one of your assessors, Belinda.

My only interactions with Belinda have been either via email or over the phone however I have found her to be extremely diligent and helpful in her approach to her assessment and feedback.

Over the last 6 months, I have had 30 staff undertaking their TAE upgrade with iLearn. If not for the help and service offered by Belinda and your iLearn team, I doubt that many of them would have made it through.

Belinda has been patient and very responsive and I would like to highly commend Belinda especially for her service, duty of care and professionalism in helping my staff achieve their TAE upgrades.

I would definitely recommend you to others who are wanting to upgrade their TAE qualification.

Course :Upgrade from TAE40110 to TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


I would like to thank I learn for the wonderful training that they offered me and the good help from trainers Daniel and Shirley. Throughout the whole course helping me get through the units it was a pleasure to learn with I learn and I will be recommending them to any other people wishing to do the cert 4 in training and assessment

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


I recently completed my TAE40116 and Shirley Chan has proven to be an amazing trainer. All my interactions with Shirley were pleasant and the advice Shirley gave was easy to understand. Shirley would always reply to emails in a very prompt manner, was always polite and nothing was ever too much hassle.

I greatly appreciate all the time and effort Shirley put in to ensuring I was well equipped with the knowledge required to complete the course.

Kind regards, Rachael.

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful in answer queries regarding various aspects of the training content. Their instructions are very clear and their help plays an indispensable part in facilitating students to complete the online training.

~ Grace

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


When I embarked on the TAE40116 the maze of manuals and resources sent my brain into a spin.  I could not make head nor tail of how I was expected to proceed and I kept putting off my study.  By the time I contacted a trainer at iLearn I was in tears but knew I desperately needed help.  Shirley kindly pointed me in the right direction. No request was too small for her to help me with, and she was able to demonstrate by word and emails how to proceed with the assignments. She was able to SIMPLIFY the exercises for me and I was able to cut through. As she told me,  "Your tears will be gone. I am here to help you."  And she did and she has. Thank you Shirley, for your kind patience and genuine assistance. ~ Michele


It was a great relief to talk to Shirley as I was a bit stuck with a section of my course, and she was extremely helpful. She was very patient, which I appreciated as I had a lot of questions, and gave me some great guidance. After talking with her, things made a lot more sense and I feel more confident going on from here. Thanks Shirley! ~ Simon

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


From the very beginning of my course, I have found all the staff, from the admin team to the trainers in the background courteous and helpful. 

The trainers respond back in a timely manner are very knowledgeable and within reason, nothing is ever too much trouble highlighting Jhanelles assistance with an IT issue today, thank you.

Recently whilst I was working overseas I managed to get through to a trainer from Papa New Guinea right on 5 pm.  This was of enormous assistance as I had the a weekend layover  which allowed me to work on the course.  In this instance the trainer was Daniel, in fact, most of the assistance for me has come from Daniel, however, not to detract from the other trainers who have assisted me, all have been very helpful.

Daniel, in particular, was understanding of my age and therefore my exposure to late-life education and in particular an online course, which was much appreciated.

Thanks, First Choice! ~ Andrew Plant

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


I am presently enrolled in the upgrade of my TAE. I have been happy with the support I have received from ILearn to date. My enquiries of the administration and the trainers has been responded to in a timely and helpful way. I also found the Training Plan, which outlined the units of competency which I needed to complete, based on my previous qualification was easy to follow. Also the support materials, ie the Learners Manual and online RTO has been relevant to the course work and accessible.  ~ Anna Johnston

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Administrator - Salerno Law

I commenced my study with iLearn eCollege about 3 months ago in order to gain qualifications in TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. So far I have found: - The company is timely - The staff are friendly and offer good service - My trainer provides service above and beyond what her role requires - The course material is simple and straightforward - Very reasonably priced Thanks, iLearn! ~ Justine Salerno

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


I chose to do my Certificate IV Training and Assessment course through iLearn because they were offering a great deal at the time. I rang several RTO’s to discuss their offer, and found iLearn to be the most professional - they returned my call quickly, and the person I spoke with gave me all the information I needed. But still, you never know if you’ve made the right choice until you buy the product. I made the right decision. The assistance provided by the iLearn team has been outstanding. I’ve called the Trainers for their help and advice on quite a few occasions and they have always been friendly and really helpful. I actually look forward to calling them! They have even been able to make some adjustments for me given some special circumstances. ~ Graham Karp


iLearn eCollege was recommended to me by a colleague who had a positive experience with them. Having never completed online training before I wasn't sure what to expect but upon commencing felt sure I had made the right decision. The enrolment process was very quick and instructions on how to download materials were very straightforward. What I absolutely love about iLearn eCollege is how responsive and friendly their trainers are. Not only can you see questions asked by your "coursemates" in their online forum, together with trainers' responses, you can also contact the trainers via e-mail or even call them! So far I have contacted them at least 10 times and responses always came back within a few hours. This is particularly important when you get stuck with your assessment. Shirley, one of the trainers, has been extremely helpful and I can’t thank her and the entire team enough for such an amazing experience! I highly recommend iLearn eCollege. ~ Michael Mutnansky

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Education is a very important aspect of my upbringing and I was very happy to find an affordable ASQA approved course with flexible assessment requirements and ongoing trainer support. iLearn eCollege provided me with a flexible learning opportunity to complete my qualification and meet my own work deadlines anywhere at any time. The assessors guidance was easily accessed and expectations were very clear. The trainers motivated me to complete the assessments and I received constructive feedback on my assessment submissions. I was even more so impressed with the online learning platform where students collaborated ideas for the assessment questions as most of the questions that I needed help with were discussed between students within this learning platform. iLearn eCollege has given me the opportunity to excel at a career that I am interested in. I would definitely recommend it to individuals seeking to get their qualification with a training provider who provides guidance, constructive feedback, and ongoing support. ~ Melanie Mansfield

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


The flexibility of the iLearn eCollege TAE40116 has been invaluable to me, especially as I work full time in a busy private practice. The materials and resources have been of a very good quality and easily understood - but what has been the highlight of the course for me has been the support. Any questions or queries have been addressed and answered in a timely and cheerful way. Can highly recommend. ~ Emma

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


The training up to date has been excellent and has provided me with the training and skills that are required for my current employment. ~ Neil

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


As a current student at iLearn eCollege, I would highly recommend their TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I have personally dealt with Daniel and Shirley and they are fantastic, easy to deal with and extremely helpful - especially when explaining difficult questions where I needed additional advice. Thanks to iLearn eCollege, I have bettered myself as an educator. Thank you guys, great materials! ~ Aaron Lemphers


Undertaking my TAE qualification with the iLearn College team proved to be rewarding on multiple levels. Personally, I have grown through the rich learning experience, I am empowered having achieved my goals within the agreed timeframe. Professionally I have benefited by achieving the current TAE qualification and secured my future via an exciting new career in Training and Assessment. Huge thanks to the iLean eCollege team who were always available when I reached out. They provided a timely, professional and knowledgeable support structure that has provided the framework for me to move to the next level. ~ Tony W

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Administration Manager - ATEL

I recently enrolled into the TAE40116 and I was able to easily enrol online with no fuss. The staff have been super helpful and my trainer has been very supportive. They were great in assisting me with getting all of my enrolment information together. It's been a great experience and I look forward to completing my course. ~ Sonia Hosie

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Marketing Manager - Costa Moda

I recently started my TAE40116 with iLearn and I have been really impressed. I went with them mainly based on the advice provided to me by their student information people before I started with them. I spent over an hour talking to them and I came away clearly knowing what was required from me to complete this course. I had spoken with other providers and I was quite frankly given a whole lot of jumbled up information. I was really confused! So a big thank you to the team at iLearn! So far, so good! ~ Marshall McCarthy

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


CEO - Blue Dog Training

Our recent experience with iLearn eCollege was extremely positive. Staff were professional, responsive and flexible in their approach.  Support provided to staff was excellent. Resources and practices were current, structured and thorough. We are confident about the quality and the standard of the qualifications our staff have gained and would use iLearn again for the training of staff. ~ Deborah Walker, CEO - Blue Dog Training

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


National L&D Manager

As the National L&D Manager of a medium-sized company with some 40+ consultants requiring a Cert IV upgrade program that would not be too intrusive on their private lives, I have found iLearn eCollege to be a great choice. The process is still in its early stages but through the initial contact with the company, to identifying their learning requirements and getting the ball rolling; I have found iLearn to be accommodating, professional and very patient. Their prices are competitive and I am confident that as the courses progress iLearn will provide the level of support and guidance to my staff that their marketing material has indicated can be expected. ~ Terry

Course :Upgrade from TAE40110 to TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


I have been an online student at iLearn eCollege for a year and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The trainers are very reasonable and fair. I found the TAE interesting, challenging, and I learned a lot by following their programme. Assessments were corrected quickly, with lots of positive feedback from the tutors. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me and assessors and trainers have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and on which areas of my answering questions I need to pay attention to. The course exceeded my expectations significantly and Thank you for making this course so enjoyable. Thank you iLearn eCollege. ~ Kristina Vrtanski

Course :TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment