• Are you a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?
  • Yes, we are! iLearn eCollege has been approved by the national regulator (ASQA) to train and deliver nationally recognised training.

    Our RTO number is 32446, and our registration details can be found on the national register for Vocational Education and Training (VET) HERE. This way you can be confident that iLearn eCollege has the stamp of approval to train in the VET sector.

  • How can I receive more information about your courses?
  • You can:

    • click on the “Enquiries” tab, then click on “Request an Information Pack” (or click HERE),
    • email info@ilec.edu.au with any questions, or
    • call the office on (07) 5689 5070 to talk about the course with a Course Information Officer.

    We want you to make an informed decision before applying into one of our courses. So make sure that you take advantage of these services to get as much information as you can before making an enrolment application!

  • How do I apply for a course?
  • To apply for a course with iLearn eCollege, click the “COURSES” button found at the top right of the website (alternatively you can click HERE). Once you have found the course you are interested in studying, click the logo to be taken to an information page where you can find all the important information; and also request an information pack be sent via email. If you are happy with the course, you can click “Apply now” which will take you to our enrolment application page.

  • What payment methods do you offer?
  • We offer the following payment methods:

    • Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa)
    • Paypal
    • EFTPOS (call the office on (07) 5689 5070 to make a payment over the phone)
    • Purchase Order
    • Bank Deposit
    • EziDebit Payment Plan (this option is for selected courses only)
  • Do you have face-to-face classes available?
  • No, our courses are only delivered as online self-paced study.

  • I’m not an Australian citizen – can I apply with you?
  • As we are not a registered CRICOS provider, we are unable to accept international students residing in Australia. International students can be defined as someone who is not:

    • An Australian citizen
    • A New Zealand citizen
    • A permanent resident
  • Can I apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) before I enrol?
  • Unfortunately, we cannot review your RPL application until you have fully enrolled with iLearn eCollege. We suggest that you examine the RPL Application Kit related to the course you would like to apply for which contains more specific information on the RPL process. You can receive an RPL Application Kit by requesting an Information Pack.

    Please note: we do not guarantee that a student will receive RPL based on contact with any iLearn eCollege staff member. As a qualified trainer will be reviewing your RPL application, they will be making the official decision regarding your RPL application.

  • Can I apply for credit transfers (CT) before I enrol?
  • One of our Course Information Officers can give you guidance on what units you can receive credit transfers for before you apply with iLearn eCollege. The Course Information Officer will need to see which units you have completed, so please ensure you send the documents which contain the units of competency you have completed (e.g. a statement of attainment or record of results). Information about credit transfers can be emailed to info@ilec.edu.au.

    Please note: we do not guarantee that a student will receive credit transfer. One of our staff members will still be required to do verification checks (e.g. contact the issuing RTO) before credit transfers can be officially awarded.

  • What are your office hours?
  • iLearn eCollege currently operates between 9 am to 5 pm (QLD time), Monday to Friday. Being based on the Gold Coast, we observe all National, Queensland and Gold Coast public holidays; we also close the office over the Christmas/New Years period. We will inform all students of our office closures via email once dates are organised.

  • Do you outsource your training, assessing or any part of your RTO?
  • No. We never have and never will. We believe that quality Australian courses can only be provided by Australian trainers and assessors, who know the Australian training industry and work with the material.

  • How do I request a refund?
  • You are welcome to request a refund by completing a Refund Request Form and returning this to rto@ilec.edu.au. You can refer to our Refund Policy in the Student Handbook for more information.

  • If I’m not completely satisfied with my course. What steps can I take?
  • You are welcome to make your voice heard by emailing or calling the office to make an informal complaint. We take all feedback seriously, so if you are still not happy, you are welcome to request and complete a Complaint Form and return this to rto@ilec.edu.au. You can refer to our Complaints Policy in the Student Handbook for more information.

  • Is your website secure?
  • It sure is! We respect your privacy and the security of your information. Please be assured that any information or data provided by you to us is completely protected and is kept confidential. No other party has access to your information. When making a payment to us via your credit card, we do not have access to your credit card details.

  • I still have questions…
  • Call the office on (07) 5689 5070 during our office hours. We are here to help!

  • What happens after I complete my course application?
  • You will receive an email outlining the entry requirements of your course.

  • I haven’t received an email yet, why?
  • Check your junk or spam folders – it might be sitting in there! If unsuccessful, please contact the office on (07) 5689 5070 for assistance.

  • What entry requirements are there?
  • Entry requirements will differ depending on which course you have applied for, so please ensure you refer to the relevant course page for more information.

    Please note: an enrolment application cannot be finalised until all entry requirements are met.

  • Why do I have to complete the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Indicator Tool?
  • As a quality training provider, we may need to assess your LLN skills so that we can provide you with additional support throughout your course wherever required. One common misconception is that having completed different/higher level study automatically means that you have met the minimum skill level needed to complete a course with iLearn eCollege. This is not always the case, as it can be challenging to map the skill levels of qualifications we are not familiar with to our courses. To ensure we comply with our training requirements we may ask you to complete the LLN Indicator Tool which will help us to give you the best student experience possible.

  • What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and how do I get one?
  • A USI is a 10-character string of letters and numbers unique to you. Simply visit https://www.usi.gov.au/ and fill in your details. Make sure you have a form of identification with you to create one! It should only take around 10 minutes to create a USI.

  • Why do I need to provide you with evidence of vocational competency?
  • Evidence of vocational competency is an entry requirement unique to the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment listed on the national register of VET. As a potential trainer and assessor, we would like you to provide us with evidence of your existing skills and knowledge in your proposed teaching and assessing area. After all, if you are completing this qualification it’s likely that you want to train and assess in a particular field or industry, so show us what you have got!

  • I’m applying for the TAE40110 to TAE40116 upgrade option, what additional documents do I need?
  • So that we can approve your enrolment application for the upgrade option, you will also need to send through a certified copy of your certificate and record of results for your TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification.

    Please note: This option is specifically designed for applicants who currently hold the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification.  Students holding older qualifications such as BSZ40198 or TAA40104 may still be eligible for RPL and are encouraged to speak directly with a Course Information Officer.

  • Where can I read more information about payment plans?
  • Click HERE for more information.

  • When is payment for my course made?
  • If you have met all of your pre-enrolment requirements (which will be reviewed by our staff), you will be emailed within information on how to make payment for your course.

    Once receipt of payment has been confirmed by our accounts department, our administration team has up to ten (10) business days to set up your enrolment. This period only acts as a contingency in case of high enrolment periods – you should have your enrolment details very soon after meeting all of the entry requirements!

  • When does my course enrolment period begin?
  • Your course enrolment period begins on the day you receive your Enrolment Confirmation Email. Once your enrolment application has been approved and receipt of payment has been confirmed by our accounts department, you will receive the Enrolment Confirmation Email. The email will contain a Welcome Letter, which tells you your official start and end date. It will also contain your login details to access and begin your course!

  • What is the duration of my course?
  • Your course duration will depend on the course. Please refer to the “Duration” section on the course you are interested in applying for.

  • How do I log in to the Student Portal?
  • Your Enrolment Confirmation Email will contain your login details and information where to access your Student Portal.

    You will also receive a link in your Enrolment Letter.

    Or, you can click on STUDENT LOGIN in the top right-hand corner of the website!


    **At the moment our Catapult Student Login is only available for current TAE40116 students; for student who have recently enrolled into the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your course; with some exciting updates to come soon!

  • What do I do if my log in details don’t work?
  • Contact our administration team by emailing rto@ilec.edu.au so they can refresh your log in details.

  • What if I have any other administrative queries?
  • Please email rto@ilec.edu.au with any administrative related questions.

  • Do I receive trainer support?
  • You will receive the contact details of your designated trainer in your Enrolment Confirmation Email. Your trainer is available to support you during business hours either via email or by telephone during office hours; and outside of normal business hours by appointment, . There is no additional cost to speak with a trainer, as trainer support is included in your course fee.

  • What are the pre-recorded webinars like?
  • The pre-recorded webinars take place through the online Portal. The webinars consist of a training session using relevant slides, presented by one of our trainers.

  • Will I receive a Training Plan?
  • Yes, you will! We strongly suggest following your training plan so that you can progress through your course as smoothly as possible. It contains information on the course structure, the assessments, and extra information on how to allocate your time towards completing your course.

  • What are your learning materials like?
  • Our learning materials include our Learner Manual, which is an in-house textbook developed explicitly for your course. We also provide samples and additional guides on different training and assessment practices intended on assisting you in completing your course.

  • I have no idea how far I am into the course/which assessments I have completed. Can you help me?
  • Contact rto@ilec.edu.au for a course progress report – this will specifically outline all the remaining assessments and course requirements.

    Tip – use your Training Plan to keep track of your assessments as you complete them!

  • I’m not particularly happy with the assessment result I received. What can I do?
  • First, we suggest discussing your feedback with the trainer who assessed your work. You are welcome to voice your concerns and raise your suggestions to the trainer.

    If you are still unhappy with the outcome, you can request an Appeals Form, which can be completed and returned to rto@ilec.edu.au. Please refer to the Appeals Policy in the Student Handbook for more information.

  • Are your trainers qualified?
  • Yes, they are – all our trainers and assessors hold the relevant qualifications required under the Standards for RTOs 2015, coupled with extensive industry experience.  Also, our trainers and assessors participate in regular professional development to remain current with industry trends, new legislation and changes to work practices. You can be sure that your trainer is highly qualified and skilled in training you, the future trainer!

  • What are your formal assessments like?
  • Our assessments consist of written questions to test your knowledge, case studies to simulate scenarios in the workplace, and projects for you to showcase your skills! You will find the projects to be the bulk of your formal assessments as you need to demonstrate a practical application of your skills to prepare you for the real world. You will also receive templates to help you complete your assessments.

  • How do I submit an assessment item?
  • Students should submit their assessments once the entire cluster or unit is fully completed. There is a submit function at the top of your screen.

  • Can I submit more than one assessment at a time?
  • You can, however, please don’t accumulate your assessments as this will only delay them being assessed and returned to you. To ensure continuous engagement, we strongly suggest submitting your assessments as soon as you have completed them.

  • Is there a file size limit?
  • The online portal can take up to 100mb per upload function. If you have a file that exceeds this size, you can upload documents to DropBox and provide the DropBox link as evidence.


    Note – large file sizes generally only apply to video evidence, so before you begin video recording please double-check the quality/resolution before you begin. A standard video quality should be sufficient.

  • I have heaps of documents, is there another way?
  • If necessary, you can post your documents to PO Box 604 Surfers Paradise QLD, 4215. Please contact a staff member before posting to ensure it is the right option.

    Our preference is to receive submissions electronically to reduce paper waste, so you can also upload your documents into a DropBox folder and provide the DropBox link as evidence.

  • Do I have to wait until my first assessment is marked before I can hand in another?
  • Nope, this would only use up some time. Our suggestion would be to have a breather after submitting every assessment but don’t wait for a submitted assessment to come back before moving on to the next. If you aren’t sure, follow your training plan for guidance or ask a trainer!

  • Are there any due dates?
  • Not specifically, but your entire course will need to be completed within your enrolment period. The Training Plan will provide you with guidance on how many hours to allocate to each assessment to ensure you can organise your time and complete your course within your enrolment period, so our suggestion would be to follow your Training Plan as closely as possible.

    Our second suggestion is to submit your work as soon as it’s done. There’s no need to accumulate all of your assessments until the last minute. Send them through as you complete them!

  • What if I am deemed to be NYC (not yet competent)? Does this mean that I have failed?
  • Just remember that VET assessment is more like taking a driving test than doing a subject at school – there is no pass-percentage or grade. There is also no fail in VET. Your trainer will give you feedback on the assessment to guide you with your next attempt should adjustments be needed. If you need further clarity, you can contact your trainer directly.

    You have up to three attempts to demonstrate competency in a unit. If you are still deemed not yet satisfactory on your third attempt, you can attempt again. However, re-assessment fees may apply – please refer to the fee schedule in the Student Handbook for further information.

  • I’ve been unable to commit to the Training Plan because I’ve had some things pop up in my life and have now run out of time. What can I do?
  • If you are in regular contact with your trainer, they will be aware of your current circumstances and will try to do what they can to facilitate your course completion.

    Should you require extra time to complete your course, you can apply for a course extension. We offer extension periods of one month, three months and six months; depending on how much time you feel you need to finish your studies. Applications for extension need to be made BEFORE your course expires (your course start date and expiry date are defined in your Welcome Letter) and extension fees apply.

    Please refer to the schedule of fees in the Student Handbook for more information on pricing.

  • I want to apply for RPL. How do I do this?
  • Here are a few tips if you are looking to apply for RPL:

    • Talk about your potential RPL application early! Contact your trainer soon after you enrol to discuss RPL.
    • Read the RPL Application Kit for your course as it contains a wealth of information on how to make the most of your RPL application.

    Take the time to step back and think to yourself: “How do I prove to my trainer that I have the skills and knowledge?” RPL is highly evidence-based where the onus falls on the RPL candidate to prove themselves as having the skills and knowledge.

  • I'm applying for RPL and gathering all of this evidence is tiring and I don’t think I’m getting anywhere, why might this be?
  • The courses offered by iLearn eCollege all fall under the TAE Training Package. This training package is under particular scrutiny and as a result, the requirements for courses within the TAE Training Package have increased. The trainer reviewing your RPL application needs to make sure that you can demonstrate the same knowledge and skills in the course as if you were completing the formal coursework itself.

    An RPL Application that is organised and clear can save you time when completing your course, however, please be aware that there are no short-cuts when applying for RPL. Talk to your trainer, and they will point you in the right direction!

  • After speaking to someone about my RPL application, I thought that I'd get RPL but the trainer didn’t give it to me, why?
  • No staff member at iLearn eCollege will ever guarantee RPL before an RPL application. One of our trainers, who will review your evidence documents and conduct verification checks ultimately makes the final call on your RPL application.

  • So when have I completed my course?
  • Once you have received a competent result for all of your assessments, and have completed any additional course requirements, you will have completed your course. You should receive contact from your trainer informing you that you have fulfilled all of your course requirements to confirm that you have completed your course.

  • My trainer told me that I have completed my course. What happens now?
  • Your files will undergo a compliance check to make sure that all boxes are ticked, documents are signed, etc. Once the compliance check has been completed, you will receive an electronic copy of your issued documentation (e.g. your certificate and record of results, or a statement of attainment) within 30 calendar days.


    If you would like a hard copy of your certificate and record of results, an additional issuance fee will apply – please check the Student Handbook for more information. If you would like a hard copy, please make sure you verify your current mailing address with the admin team by emailing rto@ilec.edu.au to ensure you receive your certificate via Australia Post.

  • When will my certificate be sent out?
  • You should receive your documents fairly soon after confirming your course has been completed. However, we do have up to 30 calendar days to issue your documents.

  • Can I provide you with feedback?
  • Of course you can, and we would love to hear from you! You are more than welcome to provide iLearn eCollege with feedback regarding your learning and assessment, as well as any policies and procedures you experienced during your enrolment. We will send you a feedback form to complete.