The Student Journey


This guide is provided for potential students looking to enter into a learning program with iLearn eCollege. It provides a general overview of how iLearn eCollege will facilitate different phases in the student journey, from enrolling into a learning program to completing the learning program. Our intention is clear – we want your experience with iLearn eCollege to be as clear and smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on high-quality training services, and we endeavour to maintain those expectations right throughout the student journey.

Below are the definitions of different types of students throughout the student journey:

Type of student: Definition: Relevant sections:
Potential student An individual who is interested in enrolling into a learning program with iLearn eCollege. At this stage, an individual has not identified with a specified Cohort*. Relevant to Section 1
Applicant An individual who has completed a Student Enrolment Form and provided evidence of ‘vocational competence’ (if applicable). At this stage, an individual’s specified Cohort* is determined. Relevant to Section 2
Enrolled student An individual who has paid enrolment fees and received an Enrolment Confirmation Email. Relevant to Sections 3 to 5
Completed student An individual who has received a competent outcome for all formal assessments in their enrolled course, and has fulfilled all other training product requirements relevant to their course. Relevant to Section 6

*A cohort is a distinct group of individuals who meets pre-determined criteria. Cohort definitions can be found on the relevant course page under “Target Group Description”.

You can expect the following from iLearn eCollege in your student journey:

Section 1: Pre-enrolment Application

iLearn eCollege offers many opportunities to provide a potential student with up to date, accurate, and factual information about our learning programs. The potential student can:

At iLearn eCollege, we want you to make an informed decision before applying into one of our courses. So make sure that you take advantage of these services to get as much information as you can.


Section 2: Enrolment Application

An enrolment application will begin once a potential student applies for enrolment into their selected course by completing a Student Enrolment Form. Once the application has been received, the applicant will receive an email with an information pack about the course, and documents on how to meet the learning program entry requirements. Note that there are different entry requirements depending on the course the applicant has applied for.

Each applicant will receive contact from a Student Liaison Officer during their enrolment application period. This will need to occur before an enrolment application can be approved. The purpose is for the Student Liaison Officer to identify:

Any applicant’s needs will be communicated to the student’s designated trainer (see next Section).


Section 3: Orientation – Commencement of Study

Once an applicant has met all the entry requirements and paid the applicable enrolment fees, the applicant will receive an Enrolment Confirmation Email which contains the enrolled student’s log in details for the Student Portal, a general overview of the course and the following attachments:


The enrolled student will be required to log in to their Student Portal and follow the prompts and instructions on how to access and download their course materials. The Student Portal includes the formal assessments with samples, templates, guides, and publications to assist with completing the assessments, the Learner Manual (which acts as the text-book for the course), various user guides, and other important documents.

Each enrolled student will have access to their own dedicated trainer. The allocated trainer will contact the enrolled student soon after receiving the Enrolment Confirmation Email, to introduce the enrolled student to the course. The allocated trainer will also identify and support any learning needs identified by the Student Liaison Officer from Section 2. The allocated trainer will act as the enrolled student’s mentor and will engage with the enrolled student throughout the course enrolment period by responding to emails and phone calls.

Our aim is to build a solid rapport with each enrolled student to ensure their experience with iLearn eCollege is as rewarding as possible.


Section 4: Formal Training

Each enrolled student has access to the iLearn eCollege portal, which gives the enrolled student access to learner guides and associated readings. They are also given the opportunity to participate in online discussion boards. Enrolled students also have access to pre-recorded webinars through the iLearn eCollege portal. Our trainers are available for support by email or telephone during business hours and can provide guidance and encouragement for the course.


Section 5: Assessment Tasks

Each enrolled student will be required to complete formal assessments within their course. The assessment tasks should be attempted once the enrolled student has completed sufficient study activities and learning. The assessment tasks have been specifically designed to measure the enrolled student’s competency against the national standards for the relevant unit/s. The assessment tasks can include written questions, case studies, and projects. Depending on the project, the enrolled student will be required to seek participants* for assistance, as projects may require evidence of oral communication and interpersonal skills.

*The word “participant” refers to the people who will be participating in the training or assessment you will be providing during the learning or assessment activity. Participants must be over the age of 16 and able to interact with the student verbally and in English. Family members and work colleagues are acceptable participants as long as they meet the above criteria.

Once an assessment has been submitted, the allocated trainer will provide clear and constructive feedback. If gaps are identified in the enrolled student’s knowledge or skills, the trainer who assessed the enrolled student’s assessment will provide guidance on what adjustments are necessary for a successful outcome. The enrolled student can discuss their feedback with the trainer via phone or email, should further clarity be required.


Section 6: Course Completion

Once an enrolled student has received a competent outcome for all formal assessments, the enrolled student is then deemed as fulfilling the requirements for the training product and will be issued a certificate and record of results, or a statement of attainment (where relevant). The completed student will receive an electronic copy of their official certification within 30 calendar days of fulfilling all course requirements.

Completed students are invited to provide informal and formal feedback regarding iLearn eCollege’s products and services. We take all feedback seriously and look to implement your individual feedback where ever possible so that we can continuously improve our performance as a quality training provider.