Zhicheng (Steven) Xiao

Hope you receive this email well. My name is Zhicheng (Steven) Xiao and I am currently enrolled in TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in iLearn eCollege. I would like to give a special thank you and high regards to my trainer Ms. Shirley Chan.

During my training course, Ms. Shirley has gone above and beyond to support me through the assessment tasks. She has demonstrated patience and professional guidance and responded with different strategies to suit my learning needs. I am completely impressed with Ms. Shirley’s clear understanding of adult education principles in exceeding my expectations of learner’s engagement and learning experiences.

At the beginning of the course, I was confused with the volume and difficulty of assessment tasks. Ms. Shirley’s timely response and easy to understand instructions have helped me to move smoothly and incrementally from one assessment task to another. I would proudly say that my initial lack of confidence and hesitation to complete the assessments were put to an ease all thanks to Ms. Shirley’s commitment and expertise of step-by-step guidance.

With Ms. Shirley’s help, I would always have the fond memory of starting the course by not willing to do the assessment tasks to the stage of expecting the release of new units assessment tasks and having the full confidence and eagerness to complete the assessment tasks. I also learned and believed that this is one of the true values of education and learning. Thank you Ms. Shirley for providing me this impressive and positive learning experience, I will pass this invaluable experience to my future students.

I would also like to thank iLearn eCollege to have Ms. Shirley Chan as one of the team members and I truly believe Ms. Shirley has the professionalism and expertise for a more senior training/teaching/management role in the future.