TrainingRTO Documents

Throughout your course, you will require access to a library of documents, known as the TrainingRTO library of documents. Your Learner Workbooks will explicitly mention when you need to use TrainingRTO materials.

NOTE – these documents DO NOT apply for:

The TrainingRTO website has recently been closed down, however you can find all of your TrainingRTO documents on this page. Documents have been organised based on the module and project that you are completing. Click on the document you need and your file will begin downloading.


TAEDES401_TAEDES402 Project 1


TAEDES401_TAEDES402 Project 2


TAELLN411 Project 1


TAEDEL401_TAEDEL402_BSBCMM401 Project 1


TAEDEL401_TAEDEL402_BSBCMM401 Project 2


TAEDEL401_TAEDEL402_BSBCMM401 Project 3


TAEASS401_TAEASS502 Project 1 (if you are not completing the full course, note that these TrainingRTO documents will be used in assessments containing the TAEASS401 and/or TAEASS502 unit of competency)


TAEASS401_TAEASS502 Project 2


TAEASS402 Project 1


TAEASS402 Project 2

Note – the Project refers to a “CUAPPR201 project” assessment. Unfortunately due to technical issues, these project documents are unavailable. As such, please use the Questions assessment, and Observation Checklist assessment when completing Project 2.


TAEASS403 Project 1 (Students in the upgrade option only need to refer to the Assessment Validation Checklist and the FSKOCM03 validation documents)

Files relating to the BSBADM406 validation

Files relating to the BSBITU307 validation

Files relating to the FSKOCM03 validation


TAEDEL301 Project 1 (this also applies to the TAEDEL301_BSBCMM401 Project 1 assessment)