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100% Australian based:

All of our staff are Australian based – there is no overseas outsourcing. When you call us for assistance, you will be answered by an Australian based team member, who fully understands Australian training standards and your needs.

Our success stems largely from our staff. At iLearn eCollege, we are fortunate to have a team of highly qualified trainers and assessors who are passionate industry experts, all keen to share their extensive skills and experience in supporting you, as you achieve your learning goals. Whether it be clarification about a project associated with a unit of competency, or interpretation regarding the requirements of an assessment, our trainers and assessors provide guidance and motivation when the going gets tough. Dedicated to providing an enriching learning experience for all students, our team of trainers and assessors share a common ethos – that learning should be a meaningful and empowering process, whereby the skills and knowledge learned are useful and have a lasting impact. As the relationship between the student and trainer is paramount to learning success, our trainers create positive learning pathways with our students to encourage student participation and progress every step of the way.

Trainer Growth and Support:

iLearn eCollege promotes a supportive platform for all of our trainers and assessors to maintain professional development and industry currency, strengthening their ability to provide relevant feedback and support to all of our students. By keeping up-to-date with changes in their fields of expertise, our trainers are informed of changes to legislation and new trends in the industry and modified work practices. The information they then integrate into supporting our students. Our trainers are often learners themselves and appreciate the constraints placed upon your work/life balance when you study, so they can provide valuable insight into how to maintain momentum when motivation sags. They are your best resource to complete your studies and are available during business hours via telephone or email.

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