TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set

Due to high demand our college is now at capacity; and is not currently accepting new enrolments.

Course Overview
Course Duration: Students have up to 12 months to complete the course (Self-Paced)

Learn the basics of competency-based training and assessment by completing this skill set! This course has been designed to train you with an understanding of the relationship between training and assessing, by effectively conducting workplace training to provide successful assessment outcomes. Completing this skill set will be highly beneficial if you are looking to start working for an RTO, so that you can learn current industry skills and knowledge to train and assess under supervision with confidence.

Achievement of this skill set is a requirement of Clause 1.17 and 1.18 in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 should you wish to train and assess under supervision.

  • Expected Outcomes
  • By participating in this program, you can expect to attain the following outcomes:

    • Learn how to interpret a unit of competency to create assessment tools.
    • Learn how to successfully assess an individual’s skills and knowledge within a vocational context.
    • Understand the relationship between the national standards/competencies and the evidence needed to support someone’s claim for competence.
    • Participate in the validation of assessment activities to strengthen and improve assessment practice.
    • Effectively develop presentation resources to engage with learners.
    • Become a more confident presenter and facilitator of learning.
    • Train learners to meet minimum workplace and industry standards for performance.
  • Career Opportunities
  • Possible job roles relevant to this skill set include:

    • Enterprise Trainer and Assessor
  • Target Group Description
  • Students are identified as belonging to Cohort 1 or 2 dependant on the factors below which are identified via the student enrolment form and subsequent enrolment process. Students are provided with the relevant training plan upon identification.


    Cohort 1. Some Level of Experience with the Vocational Education and Training Industry

    • May hold TAESS00003 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set, TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or BSZ40198 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.
    • Some prior classroom training experience in the VET Sector within the past 3 years.
    • Are able to demonstrate Vocational Competence in their proposed teaching area by holding a relevant qualification, and/or industry knowledge and experience.
    • They come with a range of generalist computer skills.
    • Have undertaken professional development in their proposed teaching area and have some knowledge of the VET industry, including terminology, processes, legal and regulatory frameworks.


    Cohort 2 Novice Learners

    • Wish to gain entry into the VET Sector.
    • Hold, or wish to gain a role which requires TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set.
    • Have limited knowledge of the VET Sector and its nature and processes as an industry.
    • Come with a range of generalist computer skills (see enrolment processes and entry requirements).
    • Are able to demonstrate Vocational Competence in their proposed teaching area by holding a relevant qualification, and/or industry knowledge and experience.
    • Are interested in learning about the VET sector and in particular, the skills and knowledge to become a qualified trainer in the industry.
  • Pre-Enrolment Requirements
  • Student Liaison Officer Contact

    During your enrolment application period, a Student Liaison Officer will contact you to run through the entry requirements specific to your course application and answer any questions that you may have about your enrolment.


    Required Course Entry Skills

    Existing skills needed to complete this qualification include:

    • Computer skills such as typing and sending an email, and opening PDF documents,
    • Basic skills to use your own printer and scanner,
    • Basic skills to use Microsoft Office programs such as Word and PowerPoint such as creating and saving a new file, adding and editing text, tables, images and font,
    • Basic internet skills to undertake online research.


    Resources needed to complete the course

    You will need to ensure you have access to the following resources:

    • Stable internet connection with a minimum download speed of 3mbps,
      • Go to to perform a speed test of your internet connection
    • An email account – can be created through Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail,
    • Microsoft Office (2010 version or later) – must include Word, Excel and PowerPoint,
    • Compatible operating systems – Windows 8 and higher, or MAC,
    • Current version of a web browser – Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox,
    • Latest version of Adobe Reader,
    • Video recording device that produces clear footage and audio,
    • Desktop computer/laptop,
    • Printer and scanner,
    • Phone.


    Unique Student Identifier (USI)

    A USI is a 10-character string unique to you which is needed to undertake nationally recognised training with iLearn eCollege, such as applying into this program. All you need is a form of Australian identification, and 10 minutes of your time to create one. Click HERE to create a USI.


    Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Indicator Tool

    To determine a student’s learning support needs and eligibility for enrolment, prior to confirmation of enrolment, you may be required to complete the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Indicator Tool. An LLN report will be developed and utilised by your trainer and assessor to ensure your individual learning needs are supported throughout the duration of your studies. Any potential learning support strategies to address your LLN needs may be discussed with your trainer and assessor.

  • Educational and Support Services
  • iLearn eCollege will review your LLN Indicator results to determine if support services and reasonable adjustments are required. Reasonable adjustment options are available to accommodate anyone who may have a learning need, disability or impairment. Reasonable adjustments that are made to the training materials and assessments are recorded in the student’s file.

    Prospective students who require other support services (not listed) can call the office to discuss the options available prior to enrolment.

    Student need Method of support offered by iLearn eCollege
    Language barriers
    • Explain concepts in clear terms over the telephone
    Visual impairment  
    • Enlarge the font size of learning materials
    Literacy issues  
    • Allow students to be orally assessed
    • Allow students to be assessed in person at the office of iLearn eCollege by an assessor
    Learning difficulties  
    • Dedicated Learning Support Trainers
    • Additional Learning Support Supplements individually tailored from LLN results
    • Access to Foundation Skills Training


    Trainer Support

    Your trainer is available to support you during business hours and outside of normal business hours by appointment, either via email at or by telephone on (07) 5689 5070 during office hours. There is no additional cost to speak with a trainer, as trainer support is included in your course fee. Our trainers are passionate industry experts who are available to guide you through your learning experience.


    Administration Department

    iLearn eCollege has a dedicated Administration Department which provides administrative support to enrolled students. Contact may be made by email at or by telephone (07) 5689 5070 during business hours.

  • Structure
  • This Skill Set contains 4 units of competency.

    The course is broken down into 2 clusters/units of competency. These are further grouped as 2 distinct ‘modules’ and learners are encouraged to concentrate on, and complete, one module before moving onto the next.


    The structure of the course for Cohort’s 1 and 2 is detailed in the table below:

    Topic Module Unit code and title
    Assessments & Validation Module 1 TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes,

    TAEASS402 Assess competence, and

    TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation


    Enterprise Training Module 2 TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction


  • Mode of Delivery
  • iLearn eCollege utilises a combination of modes to deliver the training and assessment components of the course. This includes online training, trainer support, self-paced study, and distance-based assessing. Features of our delivery mode include:

    • The online training refers to the pre-recorded webinar sessions, which take place through the online Portal. The webinars consist of a training session using relevant slides, presented by one of our trainers.
    • Trainer support via email and telephone contact with the trainers.
    • Students must complete and upload the assessments via the Student Portal or submit these for marking via email to


    Participant requirements

    The course will require you to complete learning and assessment activities that will require training and assessing real people in a suitable environment. You will be required to organize access to people for these activities and assessments as per the following table. Please note the word “participant” refers to the people who will be participating in the training or assessment you will be providing during the learning or assessment activity. Participants must be over the age of 16 and able to interact with the student verbally and in English. Family members and work colleagues are acceptable participants as long as they meet the above criteria.

    Cluster/Unit number Cluster/Unit Access to participants
    1 TAEASS401_TAEASS402_TAEASS403 (cluster) Project B – access to at least 5 participants

    Project C – access to 1 participant

    2 TAEDEL301 Project B – access to 2 different participants


  • Student Access to Resources
  • You will receive access to the following:

    • Contact details for your allocated trainer
    • All student workbooks (contains the assessment tools) via online portal
    • Learner Manual (contains content about each unit of competency)
    • Appendix templates and samples (access to RTO resource library)
    • A knowledge bank of supporting resources (this may include industry fact sheets)
    • Pre-recorded webinars
    • Online discussion forums
  • Duration
  • Students have up to 12 months to complete the course from the day of commencement.


    Your course will commence once your enrolment application has been finalised and enrolment fees have been paid. Notification of your course commencing is sent via email with your twelve-month course period being defined in the official Enrolment Letter. Access to your course materials will be available through your student log-in on the day your course commences.

  • Amount of Training
  • The amount of training is calculated based on the following formal learning activities:

    1. Pre-recorded webinar sessions

    These will take place through the online portal, consisting of:

    • 5 webinar sessions
    • Total duration is 5 hours


    1. Self-paced study

    Self-paced study includes accessing the learner guides and associated readings, independent research, trainer interaction via email and telephone and pre assessment questions.

    • Cohort 1 (experienced learners) total self-paced study is 293 hours
    • Cohort 2 (novice learners) total self-paced study is 391 hours

    Where students present with Credit Transfers and/or RPL the self-paced study hours would be reduced accordingly.


    Based on the above formal learning activities, the total amount of training is:

    • Cohort 1 (experienced learners) total amount of training is 298 hours
    • Cohort 2 (novice learners) total amount of training is 396 hours


    Volume of Learning

    *Estimated assessment hours are a guide only. This will vary for individual students whereby the hours may be more or less depending on the student’s comprehension.

  • Information Regarding Assessments
  • Each module in this course contains a range of assessments including written questions and project based practical assessments.

    The project based assessments require you to audio/video record the practical sessions and submit the file for marking, or as an alternative, you can submit third party reports.

    A third party report is a document provided by iLearn eCollege which is completed by a third party observer. The third party observer comments on what they hear and see during each session, by filling in the third party report (the third party observer is not the assessor). If you select the third party option in the projects, a copy of the third party observer’s TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification and record of results will need to be provided as evidence. iLearn eCollege may also need to evaluate your choice of third party to ensure there is no perceived conflict of interest. For example, where your third party is a direct report or a family member.

    Each project will also require the assistance of participants as detailed in the “Mode of Delivery” tab.


    RTO Document Library
    Each module requires you to access an array of workplace documentation typically found within a training and assessment environment. iLearn eCollege has created a set of workplace documents for you to access when completing your assessments. You will receive access to the RTO document library at the commencement of your course.


    Assessment Marking System
    Every assessment has been developed against the competency standards in each unit. Competency standards include elements, performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, critical aspects for assessment, performance evidence, knowledge evidence, foundation skills and assessment conditions. You will be assessed against all of these standards. If your assessment responses satisfactorily meet all standards you will receive a satisfactory result. If they do not, then your assessors will provide assessment feedback to you and give you the opportunity to re submit your assessment addressing just the areas where you have not met the standards.

    For more information about how results are determined, please refer to the Student Handbook.


    Assessment Resubmissions
    Assessments will need to be attempted in full before being submitted for marking. You have up to three (3) attempts to demonstrate competency in each unit. If you are deemed Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) on the third attempt, you are able to apply for re-assessment, however a $50.00 re-assessment fee applies. You will then have a further three attempts to demonstrate competency. If you are still unable to demonstrate competency after three further attempts, your enrolment will be reviewed by the General Manager before any further enrolment is permitted. Please refer to the fee schedule located in the Student Handbook.

  • Recognition Processes
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
    iLearn eCollege offers you the opportunity to be assessed through recognition of prior learning. Please refer to the RPL Application Kit for this course. You have up to three (3) opportunities to submit your RPL application for review. If there are gaps in your RPL evidence, then you will be required to complete the remaining gaps through formal assessments which will be organised by your RPL assessor. This may result in being enrolled in specific units to complete some training and assessment for whole units and/or parts of units.


    Credit Transfer (CT)
    iLearn eCollege recognises statements of attainment and qualifications issued by other registered training organisations (RTOs). There is no charge to transfer these into your enrolled program, just ensure you can send these through as evidence.

  • Fee Information
  • Course Fee

    The course fee of $395 is inclusive of the following items:

    • Student access to the resources listed in “Student Access to Resources”
    • Trainer and assessor support by phone and email
    • Up to 12 months’ access to complete the course
    • RPL and CT applications outlined in “Recognition Processes”
    • Support services listed in “Educational and Support Services”
    • Certificate and a record of results upon successful completion of the course (does not include replacement certificate)


    Payment Methods

    Payment for the administration fee and course fee can be made by:

    • MasterCard and Visa Card
    • PayPal
    • Telephone payment for credit card payments
    • Purchase Order
    • Bank deposit

    Please note: Amex credit card transactions will incur a 3.8% transaction fee.

  • Miscellaneous
  • National Accreditation

    iLearn eCollege’s national accreditation profile was adapted from the National Register. is the official National Register on VET in Australia and is the authoritative source of information on Registered Training Organisations. You can check out our registration HERE


    National Regulator

    As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), iLearn eCollege is required to comply with the Standards for RTOs (2015) which is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). You can find more information about the governing body HERE


    Consumer rights

    Once a prospective student has enrolled and paid for a course offered by iLearn eCollege, each individual is entitled to exercise their right as a consumer in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

    For more information about our Refund Policy, you can refer to the Student Handbook.

Mohammad Pourshafie

iLearn's TAE online course was outstanding and the delivery made me feel like I was in a classroom. The trainers provided feedback and gave excellent and top-notch support, ensuring that I had everything to succeed. I am glad I enrolled with iLearn eCollege.

Zhicheng (Steven) Xiao

Hope you receive this email well. My name is Zhicheng (Steven) Xiao and I am currently enrolled in TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in iLearn eCollege. I would like to give a special thank you and high regards to my trainer Ms. Shirley Chan.

During my training course, Ms. Shirley has gone above and beyond to support me through the assessment tasks. She has demonstrated patience and professional guidance and responded with different strategies to suit my learning needs. I am completely impressed with Ms. Shirley’s clear understanding of adult education principles in exceeding my expectations of learner’s engagement and learning experiences.

At the beginning of the course, I was confused with the volume and difficulty of assessment tasks. Ms. Shirley’s timely response and easy to understand instructions have helped me to move smoothly and incrementally from one assessment task to another. I would proudly say that my initial lack of confidence and hesitation to complete the assessments were put to an ease all thanks to Ms. Shirley’s commitment and expertise of step-by-step guidance.

With Ms. Shirley’s help, I would always have the fond memory of starting the course by not willing to do the assessment tasks to the stage of expecting the release of new units assessment tasks and having the full confidence and eagerness to complete the assessment tasks. I also learned and believed that this is one of the true values of education and learning. Thank you Ms. Shirley for providing me this impressive and positive learning experience, I will pass this invaluable experience to my future students.

I would also like to thank iLearn eCollege to have Ms. Shirley Chan as one of the team members and I truly believe Ms. Shirley has the professionalism and expertise for a more senior training/teaching/management role in the future.

Rick Schlessinger

Hi Team,

I would like to give some feedback on Shirley Chan, who was my assessor for my CERT IV in Training and Assessment.

Shirley was extremely helpful, clear and prompt whenever I needed assistance. She was amazing to call, and would assist me however I needed help, and would make time for me very quickly. She really made my Cert IV experience. Thank you to Shirley.

Angie Mullins

Thank you, Tonya, for being so supportive and helpful throughout the Cert IV. ILearn is great for those needing flexibility in their study. Thank you :)

Joban Kaur

Hi there,

I really enjoyed my journey with Shirley. She is so responsive and supportive. I am glad I completed my TAE40116 with ILEC. I would refer iLearn eCollege.

Warm regards

Krishna Neupane

Shirley is an amazing trainer assessor. Initially, I was a little baffled when i first enrolled with ILEC for TAE40116. I was worried about doing it online and not being able to complete it on time.

However, fortunately Shirley was my trainer. She is a wonderful human being and an amazing trainer. She is there to support your journey with ILEC. She prompts you where need be;

is available to answer your questions and supports you in all possible ways. Thank you again Shirley.

Judith Barker

Without the unequivocal dedication, knowledge and resolute support of my instructor, Mrs Shirley Chan I would never have been able to complete the online TAE40116 course. She is an outstanding trainer, and an asset to iLearn eCollege

Rejani James

I have just completed my Cert IV Training and Assessment online with iLearn eCollege. Shirley Chan was my tutor during the study. I want to express my gratitude to her for incredible hard work and support throughout my course. On numerous occasions, I contacted her through email, and she gave me clear direction and advice on how to proceed with the assignment. She has been approachable and prompt in replying to all my queries. Because of her prompt reply, I was able to move forward quickly and complete this course in a short span of time.  Shirley is very professional and gave me clear feedback which helped me to get the maximum knowledge from this course. Her knowledge level about the topic is exemplary. I am thankful to her for all the support she has given to me to accomplish this course.

Thank you, Shirley


Gauri Apte

Shirley is very supportive and guided me very well during the tenure of my course (Certificate IV in Training & Assessment). She promptly replied to all my queries via email or telephone. I completed my course well in time and it was a very smooth sail. Thank you to Shirley, iLearn eCollege and support staff.

Jinwa Li

Hi Hannah,

Thank you.

Finally I completed the course, I'm so happy.

Thank you to all the trainers and Admin staff for continuous support, without your support I won't be able to complete this course.

Please send thank you and regards to all the trainers.

I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues.

Kind Regards,

Paul Hopgood

My name is Paul Hopgood and I recently completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with iLearn.

I am just writing to tell you how fantastic it was to have Shirley Chan to guide me through the course.

Shirley been absolutely wonderful at encouraging me and assisting me through the course, giving advice and valuable feedback.

Having her as my assessor has made this part of my course much more straightforward and enjoyable.

I think it’s important that you understand exactly how much easier this course has been for me since Shirley took over helping me.

Thank you

Harsimran Kaur

Good Morning Jayden and The Admin Team, I would like to say a big Thank you for your assistance and cooperation with me throughout my journey of learning with First Choice College as well as iLearn eCollege. Your assistance and guidance in my studies have helped me improve a lot in my career since day one. I have completed my Diploma of Leadership and Management, Certificate IV in WHS and Certificate IV in TAE from your organisation and have referred a few of my friends and family members to study from your college. There has never been a day when I have not said Thank you to First Choice College in the past 4 years of my life. Thank you once again 😉 You all are amazing people 😊 Kind regards,

Mitchell Hewitt

Hi Hannah Thank you very much for this – I really appreciate it. You have made this educative journey very easy to navigate, understand and implement. Thank you once again

Luke Worswick

Hi Nicole, I forgot to mention, I managed to get a job as a trainer assessor! I got it at the end of November, and now I'm working for TrainSmart Australia in Perth. Thanks to everyone at ilec for helping me get qualified! Sincerely,

Steph Heycoop

Dear iLearn eCollege,

I have recently completed the TAE cert IV and wanted to acknowledge the wonderful work of my trainer Shirley Chan.

Shirley was such a great support throughout my studies, she clarified questions and helped me understand my work.

Shirley always made time for my phone calls, and was always happy to help me.

Thank you so much Shirley!


I have just completed my Cert 4 in Training and Assessment and couldn’t recommend ilearn more. The online portal is easy to use and makes the certificate simple and methodical. My assessor, Shirley Chan, was really helpful throughout my course. She was readily available to contact over the phone and very responsive by email which made my learning experience easier as I knew where to go when I was unsure of topics or assessments. Once I submitted the units, I received a result and feedback promptly. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Kayla Goss

I feel very fortunate to have had Shirley as my trainer. Shirley is incredibly knowledgeable and always got back to me within a timely manner. I always felt well supported during my study. Shirley made my online learning experience a great one

Selina Johnson

Hi Tonya, Shirley and team I just want to say thank you so much for your support during my studies and RPL. It’s been a long time coming and I admittedly had been slack at the start, but pulled together at the end! Thank you for the journey and I appreciate your help in assisting me in gaining my qualification. I can now gladly say I’m qualified for my position, and it’s going to open me up to furthering my career in the RTO industry.

Christiane Ash

Hi Tonya Many, many thanks! Your kind guidance has not only helped me pass - but also become a better trainer! The tips and explanations you provided will make an immense difference in the learning of my students. Thank you!!!! Kind Regards

Sushil KC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the iLearn eCollege for giving me the opportunity to complete my TAE40116. The entire team has been amazing throughout the journey. I have had few trainers, but I am particularly impressed with Shirley Chan, who has an excellent work ethic, a very polite manner, and always to the point when giving advice. The speed of support, marking time is just amazing, it is like you have a 1:1 dedicated trainer. Highly recommended. Thank you, Shirley and the team, much appreciated.


It is an amazing experience that I learn the TAE40116 at iLearn College. I am very appreciative of my trainer Shirley. Shirley is very patient and replies to emails promptly. My questions could be answered quickly without hassle. She is always friendly and helps me to understand the knowledge of the course. It is an absolute pleasure in having you as my trainer to complete the course.

Twinkle Alex

Dear Shirley,

I would like to thank you so much for your kind support, guidance, feedback and marking my work quickly. You are amazing and your support given me confidence. Thank you for all admin staffs and other trainers who helped me to achieve this certificate in absence of Shirley. You guys are wonderful!!! .I am so happy I managed to pass TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. This course professionally assisted me and I already got a teaching job. I am so pleased I choose the right college. Thank you so much once again for everybody who helped me especially my lovely trainer Shirley. I highly recommend iLearn eCollege who wants to do TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course. Excellent team work.

Once again thank you so much.

Kind regards

Rick Fernandes

I started this course a while ago, the road has been a long one with loads of work and health issues in between and at times I felt like giving up until Shirley Chan (my trainer) came into the picture.

Shirley has been supportive and encouraging throughout from the day she became my trainer, she was always present and communicative and made me understand that giving up was not an option and for that I thank you so much.

I dare say that she has been one of the best trainers I have had.

Thank you so much,

Andrew Jennings

Thank you so much Sam!!!! I reeeeeally appreciate everything you have done for me and for helping me get over the line!!! I know I am just one of your many students so I can understand how much work you have to do but I really do appreciate your effort and time!

Thanks so much again!

Zeeshan Ahmad

The completion of TAE40116 from iLearn eCollege has been a fabulous experience throughout the course in terms of quality of learning resources, experienced and knowledgeable trainers, tremendous support by the staff and assessor especially Shirley Chan. The trainer was knowledgeable, provided valuable feedback on all the assessments, responded promptly and supportive. The online learning platform is quite user friendly for online submissions, access and contacting assessor for the support. I would highly recommend iLearn for quality training

Evgenia Druganova

I am soo happy! Thanks Ian!

I should add that you are a very professional trainer and I have received a lot of support from you both online and over the phone. I really enjoyed working with you. Thanks again for your help.

I will also miss my time studying with iLearn - it was challenging, but heaps interesting!



Soraya Mahomed


I wanted to thank you for all your help in assisting me complete my course. I appreciate all your time and patience with marking them in such a sufficient time frame as well.

It was a tough course even for me and completely out of my comfort zone but again I appreciate you and the college for helping me through it.


Tom Milligan

Hi Tonya,

Thank you for your email, and thank you for making the RPL process very straightforward and enjoyable.

I have enjoyed my year studying online with iLearn and Daniel guiding me through the course work and yourself with our RPL conversations.

I am very pleased I chose I learn for my TAE and will be recommending iLearn to colleagues and friends.

Thank you once again for all your assistance

Kind Regards,

Daryl Floyd

Hi Guys,

Just wanting to say a Huge Thank You to all the team at iLearn with my completion TAE40116 Certificate lV in Training and Assesing and especially to my mentor and brilliant trainer Sue. I have over my time experienced numerous different training courses but none as Professional as this. Every time l needed help or guidance with my studies it was always there and of high standard. I really can’t express my appreciation anymore and so Thankful to everyone that assisted but especially the professionalism from my trainer Sue.

Kind Regards

Keli L

What a brilliant experience! The team at iLearn made the challenge of my TAE upgrade as smooth as possible. Excellent communication, understanding and accountability. Thank you!

Balaji Padmanabhan

Thanks a ton Daniel,

I could not have progressed an inch without your support. My best wishes to you too.


Tiara Choi

Dear Shirley,

I don’t know how to express my appreciation to you.  You have been a really amazing trainer who has always been patient, supportive, and efficient. Without your prompt and efficient support, I wouldn’t progress my course.  Thank you so much for your support and I will definitely refer my colleagues to iLearn TAE program.

Kind regards,

Yvonne McClaren

Hi Daniel, Thanks so much for mentoring me through my first “online” study experience. I actually knew what I was doing by the end. 😊

Sally-Ann McRobb


Thankyou so much I am so happy.

This is welcome news for me especially during Melbournes lockdown. I appreciate your work and thanks for your marking efficiency and emails.

I will go on an teach my skills and extensive and ever emerging knowledge to the early childhood Educators of Melbourne with happiness and passion.

Keep up your good work also for the many students you teach who in their roles will go forward and do the same within their industries and roles.

Kind regards


Good Morning Sir,

I am very happy to receive this email.

During this course, your careful teaching, detailed feedback and patient guidance helped me to understand relevant knowledge and skills.  Now, I must express my appreciation. "Thank you so much, Ian!!!" The knowledge will contribute to my future significantly, and your help plays important roles for me.

Thank you very much again.

My best regards,

Andrew Copus

I recently undertook a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with iLearn eCollege and found the process to be a very pleasant experience.  Once I unpacked to the course, I found the material comprehensive and easy to navigate. The staff was always courteous and prompt to reply to any of my questions.  In particular, my iLearn trainer Shirley, was a big help in the process.  I found that if I had any enquiries regarding the course material, Shirley was prompt to reply and assist me.  The phone meetings were very helpful for me to work through the material as I found Shirley to be very knowledgeable in the subject matter. I recommend this course for anyone looking to complete their Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Todd Cox

Good morning Shirley,

Thank you for marking my work quickly once again.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help and support during my completion of this course and for all of your help that you provided me during this time.

It has been a pleasure in being a part of the learning process with iLearn and it has been an absolute pleasure in having you as my tutor to support me along the way.

Errol Wilkinson

Well what a journey!! Acquiring my TAE40116 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessing was the most challenging learning experience of my life!!

Having a passion for teaching/lecturing is a wonderful thing. It really is Very Rewarding to see students succeed!!

In typical Australian standards of excellence however, we trainers must be appropriately skilled to teach our students so as to match, or exceed that passion. Our students deserve nothing less!!

For my case, transitioning from just DOING the hands on Fitting & Machining work, to learning how to TEACH the hands on Fitting & Machining work, has the added element of physical injury risk. I started to get nervous. As humans, we sometimes self-doubt, asking ourselves "Do I really have what it takes?"

Nicholas and the team at iLearn eCollege get ALL of this!! They were there with me through thick and thin, by email and phone, particularly toward the end of my studies and a self imposed deadline. Well worth the course fees, even at full price!!

They didn't just help me with the course terminology, they walked me through it over the phone, asking me questions around my industry to help illustrate and highlight the directions I needed to take whenever I got stuck.

Thank you Nick, Tonya, Paraic, Shelley and others. Seriously, the words "Thank You" aren't enough.

Kind Regards,

Danae Callaghan

Good morning,

I wanted to write a quick note to express my gratitude to Shirley Chan for her incredible support and hard work throughout my course. I found her feedback clear and she was very prompt and helpful when I had any questions.

Thank you again, Shirley!

Milan Adhikari

Hi Shirley,

I would like to thank you for all the support and guidance you have provided during my cert IV in training and assessment course. You have always been approachable and very professional.  I am extremely grateful for how you have shown me the way to complete the journey of this course.

Kevin Bruton

To whom it may concern;

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Shirley Chan.

Shirley was appointed as my Trainer and Assessor whilst undertaking a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAE40116.

During my studies it was necessary to communicate with my Trainer/Assessor to discuss and seek direction in completing the required tasks and assignments. On the numerous occasions I emailed and sought guidance, I always found Shirley's communication to be professional and very helpful in providing me direction to complete the assignments successfully. I found Shirley's assessing of the work I submitted to be strict but fair.

Shirley managed to find the time to respond to my questions and queries very promptly which I appreciated greatly. While completing any course of study, a timely response from one's trainer and/or assessor is hugely important. It was extremely helpful as a student to discover early in my course of study that Shirley was characterised by a commitment to her role as a Trainer and Assessor.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shirley in contributing to a pleasant course of study experience and my successful completion of the TAE40116.

Celia Chapman

I have just completed my Cert IV Training and Assessment online with iLearn eCollege.

I found the website really easy to navigate. The units of study and corresponding reading material was all included and easy to follow. All the assessment tasks had handy hints attached and lots of information to ensure that I understood what I needed to do.

When I needed clarification, my trainer Shirley, answered my emails promptly and explained all the information really well. Shirley is very professional and gave great feedback throughout the course.

I highly recommend this training course and Shirley as a trainer.

Colin Adams

Hi Shirley,

I would just like to thank you and the team from iLearn eCollege On my TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment module completion, the process was made easy due to a professional team who are more than happy to take the time and explain courseware, feedback and any questions I had. Highly recommended service in my opinion.

Paul Aitken

To whom it may concern,

I embarked on the Cert IV in Training and Assessment around a year ago. It was a wonderful learning experience. Shirley Chan was highly supportive and very efficient in response to any issues I had. She is an asset to the organisation of Ilearn. I very much recommend the course to anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of training and assessment.

Many thanks,

Frank Farfalla

Hello Nicole,

I would like to thank you very much for your exceptional service and care in looking after my staff over this last year during their TAE upgrade.

In all me dealings with you, I have found you to be very helpful and incredibly responsive.

This has given me confidence that the TAE upgrades would be completed on time and that any questions I had would always be addressed.

Please feel free to pass this feedback onto you manager.

Thanks again and all the very best.

Kind regards,


Cobbina Vines

Hi Nicole,

I just heard from Helen that I have successfully completed TAEASS502.

I wanted to thank you for the prompt marking, I will definitely be recommending iLearn.

Kindest regards and Gratitude for all your help, you have gone above and beyond.


Sohail Vincent

Greetings Shirley, Hope you are well.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and Gratitude for finally complete my TAE40116 certificate 4 Course. It would not have been possible without your kind assistance and support.

I would like to mention here that I am a qualified, accredited Driving Trainer and Instructor for the past few years. I needed to complete TAE40116 certificate 4 Course to enhance my skills and knowledge to better service my students and clients.

You have been an incredible, understanding and thoughtful assessor during my journey to finalise and complete this training course. I must say that Online training is not easy compared with face-to-face training; however, you have made this task much easier for me.

You have been very responsive and prompt in marking, assessing and reviewing the tasks and projects which were submitted to you. I would really like to appreciate that your reviews and feedbacks are very clear, precise and easy to understand.

I would like to recommend Shirley Chan to any prospective learner who wishes to train in your organisation under your supervision and guidelines.

Thank you Shirley again, it has been a long journey and you have made it possible to accomplish my goals.

Thi Thuy Hang Nguyen

Dear Melissa,

Today, I uploaded the last file for assessment. When I look back the period of time I spent on completing the TAE, I know that you are the person I should write a thank you letter to.

I am so thankful to have you as my trainer. You have been so enthusiastic and passionate. Your guidance and advice were always clear and easy to understand, this supported me to complete the required tasks for this course.

I also thank you very much for calling me and patiently listening to my problems with the workbooks and practical activities.

From my experience with this TAE, you are a great trainer. I feel grateful to have you facilitating me during the course.

Take care,

Lynda Briggs

I recently completed my full TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course through iLearn eCollege. I found their Administration team professional and courteous. My trainer Shirley Chan, was very helpful, supportive, and prompts in getting back to me, with any concerns or questions I had with my work, via phone contact and emails. iLearn eCollege is quality training, at a reasonable price.

Stephen Beckmore

I have recently completed my TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment working through the iLearn online portal. I found the format and content easy to follow and very concise. The support and guidance given by the iLearn team and in particular Shirley Chan, enabled me to complete my studies within 7 months. Shirley handled my assessments and enquiries efficiently and with a high level of professionalism. I was very impressed with the learning resources and access to the learning modules. I have no hesitation in recommending iLearn college to anyone wishing to further their studies.

Lisa Cecil

I completed my TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with iLearn eCollege in 9 months.  In that time, I had very prompt responses with my queries from all staff. In particular, my work graded within a reasonable timeframe with encouraging and helpful remarks.  On a personal note, a special thank you to Shirley Chan who made this process smoother. I am familiar with online studying and found the layout, the forms and files needed, very accessible and easy to locate. Overall, I would recommend iLearn eCollege and would study with them again.

Jincy Chacko

iLearn team has provided me with great support in completing my TAE40116 online course. Special thanks to my assessor Shirley, for her valuable feedback and the support provided throughout my course. I got an opportunity to excel in my interested career. Best regards- Jincy

Eva Bodova

As TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the first online course I have ever done I was a little apprehensive about it at the beginning. However, the iLearn team has provided excellent support, useful advice and great quality throughout my studies without which I could not come so far. Most especially, I would like to thank Shirley for her always friendly and very professional attitude, responsive and flexible approach! The study material is quite clear and easy to understand, the staff offers good service and timely feedback; my experience with iLearn has been extremely positive so far!

Khalegh Barati

I studied TAE40116 Course at Ilearn College. The Ilearn team was very supportive and provided me constructive and valuable comments and feedback during my study. I am very happy with them and I will definitely select Ilearn again for my future studies.

Kashif Salman

I have been looking around the web, there are so many RTOs who advertise online and makes it very attractive to enrol. I chose iLearn because other students had a great experience. I have found iLearn’s commitment to delivering qualifications properly with a dedication to supporting students like me.

The trainers (Daniel, Melissa A and Melissa P) were superb, close to one of the best I have encountered in my career.  They delivered with genuine passion and inspired me to be a better trainer. They have demonstrated great approach to teaching and they were professional, helpful and knowledgeable.  I always felt relaxed and engaged. Special thanks to Melissa for marking my assessment within a very short span of time and processing my certification on the same day and it has helped me to secure my new job in building and construction RTO. Thanks Mel P!

Wendy Choy Chong

Hi Shirley,

Hurayy,, Thank you very much for your email and for letting me know the completion of my course. I am very much appreciated for all your help and supports for grading my assessment. Which allow me to return to my training career soon.

Thanks again Shirley, you've made my first plan ticked off in this new year.

Chris Fairless

Hi Nic hope you had a great xmas, mine was (thanks to your help in my TAE40116 upgrade). Thanks again for your support it meant a lot, and I hope iLearn realise what a huge asset they have in you.

Thanks and Best Regards

Jane Meldrum

Good Morning Nicole

I received notification that I had successfully completed my course yesterday and I would like to thank you very much for ensuring I was supported by the iLearn team and Daniel Neale for his prompt response, support and guidance.

Adriana Slattery

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you so much for marking so quickly! I have actually found ilearn quite easy to study with. Your understanding for my situation had been incredibly helpful. Hopefully this certificate is issued promptly as well and I can start working!

Thanks again,

Shane O’Bryan

Hi Tonya,

I just had to pull over the car and send you this email.

HHHOOOOORRRRAAAYYY!!!!! I am yelling this out the window! Thanks for your help and a BIG thanks for sticking with me Tonya I so appreciate it. Great to hear this awesome news with everything going on at the moment you don't know how much this means to me. Now I can continue Training something I love doing. Looking forward to getting the Certificate.


Jeff Byrne

Hi Nicole,

Thank you to the admin team and the trainers for all your help through the learning process. It has been a stimulating experience where I have learnt to appreciate what I didn't know!

The priority you have given me in the final stages means I have a good chance of securing employment very soon.

Thank you again!!!

Tom Painter

Starting this course was definitely daunting at first, I've never been a real academic person and this has been the first qualification above a certificate 2 that I have ever completed.

With the support from the trainers and the online web portal, I found the course to be a breeze in the end.

Sometimes I did find it a little difficult to figure out what the assessments were asking you to do, however, a quick search in the online discussion board or a phone call that was usually answered straight away or returned within a few short hours, I was able to complete the entire TAE0116 much quicker than first anticipated. I highly recommend iLearn to anyone that needs to complete the full course or even complete the upgrade. The customer service and support was fantastic and I felt as if I was treated with high regard as a student.

Colleen Griggs

Hi Therese

Thank you so much for assessing my work and for assisting me in my learning journey. You have made my study a pleasure and during my phone interview, I felt really at ease with your friendly yet professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending iLearn as a preferred RTO.

I am so happy to have completed my upgrade and thank you once again.

Kindest regards

Surinder Singh

I am so thankful to all the trainers, especially Nicholas for getting me through this. I was about to give up all my efforts but you only supported me and guided me.

Adam Nobilia

Thanks Daniel.

The industry needs people who lead by example as trainers. These human skills are far more important than any other teaching tools we learn (content). You clearly have them in spades.

Folin Bino

Hello all,

Finally I got my certificate today...

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone iLearn eCollege, who have supported me to achieve this..especially, Daniel Neale for patiently answering all my emails regarding the questions. That was really helpful for me.

A special thanks to Nicholas Walsh for assessing most of my projects so quickly, and giving me appropriate feedback..

Thank you once again everyone...

Sharmila Ghimire

Hi Daniel

Thank you very much for the result. I am happy that I have completed and get the certificate now.

Just to let you know your feedback was always constructive and very beneficial. Every student must have appreciated your guidance as I am doing now. Thank you for making my study easy.

Frank Farfalla

I would like to give some feedback on one of your assessors, Belinda.

My only interactions with Belinda have been either via email or over the phone however I have found her to be extremely diligent and helpful in her approach to her assessment and feedback.

Over the last 6 months, I have had 30 staff undertaking their TAE upgrade with iLearn. If not for the help and service offered by Belinda and your iLearn team, I doubt that many of them would have made it through.

Belinda has been patient and very responsive and I would like to highly commend Belinda especially for her service, duty of care and professionalism in helping my staff achieve their TAE upgrades.

I would definitely recommend you to others who are wanting to upgrade their TAE qualification.

Aaron Lemphers

I would like to thank I learn for the wonderful training that they offered me and the good help from trainers Daniel and Shirley. Throughout the whole course helping me get through the units it was a pleasure to learn with I learn and I will be recommending them to any other people wishing to do the cert 4 in training and assessment

Rachael Bambry

I recently completed my TAE40116 and Shirley Chan has proven to be an amazing trainer. All my interactions with Shirley were pleasant and the advice Shirley gave was easy to understand. Shirley would always reply to emails in a very prompt manner, was always polite and nothing was ever too much hassle.

I greatly appreciate all the time and effort Shirley put in to ensuring I was well equipped with the knowledge required to complete the course.

Kind regards, Rachael.

Grace Fung

The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful in answer queries regarding various aspects of the training content. Their instructions are very clear and their help plays an indispensable part in facilitating students to complete the online training.

Michele Stayner

When I embarked on the TAE40116 the maze of manuals and resources sent my brain into a spin.  I could not make head nor tail of how I was expected to proceed and I kept putting off my study.  By the time I contacted a trainer at iLearn I was in tears but knew I desperately needed help.  Shirley kindly pointed me in the right direction. No request was too small for her to help me with, and she was able to demonstrate by word and emails how to proceed with the assignments. She was able to SIMPLIFY the exercises for me and I was able to cut through. As she told me,  "Your tears will be gone. I am here to help you."  And she did and she has. Thank you Shirley, for your kind patience and genuine assistance.

Simon van der Stap

It was a great relief to talk to Shirley as I was a bit stuck with a section of my course, and she was extremely helpful. She was very patient, which I appreciated as I had a lot of questions, and gave me some great guidance. After talking with her, things made a lot more sense and I feel more confident going on from here. Thanks Shirley!

Andrew Plant

From the very beginning of this course, I have found all the staff, from the admin team to the trainers in the background courteous and helpful.

The trainers respond back in a timely manner are very knowledgeable and within reason, nothing is ever to much trouble highlighting Jhanelles assistance with an IT issue today, thank you.

Recently whilst I was working overseas I managed to get through to a trainer from Papua New Guinea right on 5pm. This was of enormous assistance as I had a weekend layover which allowed me to work on the course. In this instance the trainer was Daniel, in fact, most of the assistance for me has come from Daniel, however, not to detract from the other trainers who have assisted me, all have been very helpful.

Daniel, in particular, was understanding of my age and therefore my exposure to late-life education and in particular an online course, which was much appreciated.

Anna Johnston

I am presently enrolled in the upgrade of my TAE. I have been happy with the support I have received from ILearn to date. My enquiries of the administration and the trainers has been responded to in a timely and helpful way. I also found the Training Plan, which outlined the units of competency which I needed to complete, based on my previous qualification was easy to follow. Also the support materials, ie the Learners Manual and online RTO has been relevant to the course work and accessible.

Justine Salerno

I commenced my study with iLearn eCollege about 3 months ago in order to gain qualifications in TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. So far I have found: - The company is timely - The staff are friendly and offer good service - My trainer provides service above and beyond what her role requires - The course material is simple and straightforward - Very reasonably priced Thanks, iLearn!

Graham Karp

I chose to do my Certificate IV Training and Assessment course through iLearn because they were offering a great deal at the time. I rang several RTO’s to discuss their offer, and found iLearn to be the most professional - they returned my call quickly, and the person I spoke with gave me all the information I needed. But still, you never know if you’ve made the right choice until you buy the product. I made the right decision. The assistance provided by the iLearn team has been outstanding. I’ve called the Trainers for their help and advice on quite a few occasions and they have always been friendly and really helpful. I actually look forward to calling them! They have even been able to make some adjustments for me given some special circumstances.

Michael Mutnansky

iLearn eCollege was recommended to me by a colleague who had a positive experience with them. Having never completed online training before I wasn't sure what to expect but upon commencing felt sure I had made the right decision. The enrolment process was very quick and instructions on how to download materials were very straightforward. What I absolutely love about iLearn eCollege is how responsive and friendly their trainers are. Not only can you see questions asked by your "coursemates" in their online forum, together with trainers' responses, you can also contact the trainers via e-mail or even call them! So far I have contacted them at least 10 times and responses always came back within a few hours. This is particularly important when you get stuck with your assessment. Shirley, one of the trainers, has been extremely helpful and I can’t thank her and the entire team enough for such an amazing experience! I highly recommend iLearn eCollege.

Melanie Mansfield

Education is a very important aspect of my upbringing and I was very happy to find an affordable ASQA approved course with flexible assessment requirements and ongoing trainer support. iLearn eCollege provided me with a flexible learning opportunity to complete my qualification and meet my own work deadlines anywhere at any time. The assessors guidance was easily accessed and expectations were very clear. The trainers motivated me to complete the assessments and I received constructive feedback on my assessment submissions. I was even more so impressed with the online learning platform where students collaborated ideas for the assessment questions as most of the questions that I needed help with were discussed between students within this learning platform. iLearn eCollege has given me the opportunity to excel at a career that I am interested in. I would definitely recommend it to individuals seeking to get their qualification with a training provider who provides guidance, constructive feedback, and ongoing support.

Emma Stewart

The flexibility of the iLearn eCollege TAE40116 has been invaluable to me, especially as I work full time in a busy private practice. The materials and resources have been of a very good quality and easily understood - but what has been the highlight of the course for me has been the support. Any questions or queries have been addressed and answered in a timely and cheerful way. Can highly recommend.

Neil Mackay

The training up to date has been excellent and has provided me with the training and skills that are required for my current employment.

Tony Ward

Undertaking my TAE qualification with the iLearn College team proved to be rewarding on multiple levels. Personally, I have grown through the rich learning experience, I am empowered having achieved my goals within the agreed timeframe. Professionally I have benefited by achieving the current TAE qualification and secured my future via an exciting new career in Training and Assessment. Huge thanks to the iLean eCollege team who were always available when I reached out. They provided a timely, professional and knowledgeable support structure that has provided the framework for me to move to the next level.

Deborah Walker

Our recent experience with iLearn eCollege was extremely positive. Staff were professional, responsive and flexible in their approach.  Support provided to staff was excellent. Resources and practices were current, structured and thorough. We are confident about the quality and the standard of the qualifications our staff have gained and would use iLearn again for the training of staff.